27 Lessons In 27 Years On Planet Earth

Photo by Jorge Ibanez on Unsplash

This weekend I turned 27.

It was a quiet day. I didn’t post on Instagram about it or throw a lavish party for myself. I drank really good coffee, went climbing with my girlfriend, and decorated our new apartment.

My philosophy on birthdays is complicated. Always has been. On the one hand, I think we place an overemphasis on aging. On the other, I think growing older is something to be celebrated. It’s a damn gift to be alive.

Birthdays to me are intensely personal, almost spiritual. They are a day to reflect on what it means to be here on this planet, spinning on its axis and rotating around the sun.

Last year on my 26th birthday, I wrote an article called 26 Lessons in 26 Years On Planet Earth. It was one of the first tastes I ever got of “virality” and by that, I just mean — people who didn’t know me personally… read it. I felt famous.

This article is my follow up. 27 new lessons to commence my 27th year. My reflection on the year behind…

I’ll be honest, this year was tough. I hit the lowest low I’ve ever hit. And I was tested more than I ever have been. But it’s also been an intensely beautiful year. I’ve had some major life changes and learned just how resilient the human mind and body truly are.

With no further introduction, here they are:

You’re amazing for getting to the bottom of this list, even if you just skimmed (I’m more than okay with that).

I love you. So much.

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Thinking deeply about how to make myself and the world a little better. & writing about creators mostly | email: kate@onedayent.com

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