And what will happen to them when we hit one?

The creator economy — in it’s current boom — hasn’t been around for a recession. Which begs the question…

What will happen to creators when a recession hits?

Here are a couple of potential outcomes:

More creators will start. Being a creator is permissionless. You can start while working a…

The mentors ahead will all tell you the same thing: keep going

You’re making NYC vlogs on a Boosted Board. You’re writing long essays about Stoic philosophy. You’re building a gig delivery business. It’s all fun and games in the name of “stealing like an artist.” Austin Kleon approves.

But there’s this lingering thought in the back of your mind that you…

The future of productizing people, and listing them on a stock exchange

This is not investment advice. These markets are highly speculative, and the tech pack to support them is brand new. Please proceed with caution.

There’s this axiom in both venture and the creator economy: bet on the jockey, not the horse. Like a lot of people, that’s always been my…

How to build with de-risking in mind

One of the biggest blind spots in creator economy discussions is about just how risky creator businesses really are. This is for quite a few reasons, but predominantly:

- Creator mental health / burnout: it’s hard to keep up with the joneses.
- Hype cycles: time on top has an expiration…

wasn’t about the hype, until i used it

Life is made up of all of these wildly unsexy moments. The moments between the moments. When you’re waiting in the checkout line with your kids, stuck in traffic on the phone with your wife, grabbing a beer with a friend.

Hot take: create for an audience of one

One of the biggest problems with having an audience is having an audience. Not kidding. When you have any amount of people looking at you, I’m talking even a hundred, it’s easy to fall into one of two traps:

1. You treat views, subscribers, etc. as just numbers
2. …

What do you call creators who create about creators?

Meta creators use native creator tools and platforms to develop and distribute content about creators. Get it? That’s why they’re meta.

These are the people you see publishing tweet threads with data about the creator economy, writing long Substack newsletters about the downstream impacts of Beast Burger, and making videos…

Measure what matters

An old boss sent me this super cryptic email once. All it said was: “growth relieves all sins.” Despite being a little bit hyperbolic and maximum terrifying, that email was right. In almost any early stage business, growth is (and should be) the singular focus.

This is no different with…

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