A Guide to Combatting Writer’s Block for Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Creatives

Writers talk a lot about “writer’s block” almost to the point of annoyance. The jury’s out on whether it’s a “real thing” or not. Many esteemed writers claim that the only antidote is discipline (i.e. writing even when you have nothing to say).

And while that’s good advice for authors and screenwriters, what about people who aren’t career-writers? People who, in today’s always-on digital-world, know they need to be publishing articles, but don’t have the time or energy? People, who just want to use writing as a vehicle to spread their ideas and impact?

Their problem is not (usually) writer’s block. That would be a gift. They are more likely to avoid writing altogether–letting it sit on the to-do list, day after day, perhaps because they feel uninspired or overwhelmed by the process.

Writing is this looming task that steals energy and creativity, but somehow never gets done.

If you are one of these people, who struggles to make the time to write, I want to help. That starts with building an understanding of why this blockage exists and then addressing it from the inside-out.

In personal experience, and in work with clients, the following 7 bullets, seem to serve as the core reasons for this blockage. One or two may resonate deeper than the others, but there is likely some element of each that has blocked you from sitting down to write or following through on a particular article:

  1. You’re chunking the process into too many steps. Part of the reason that you are struggling to find the time to write is that you’re building it up in your head. You have to come up with an idea, do the research, outline, write, edit, publish, and promote. And, what if you’re computer crashes? Or you can’t find the right source material? And how the heck are you going to promote writing on Instagram? But these “what if” stories you are telling yourself about how you should or need to do things a certain way have you cognitively exhausted before you even get started. Cut that out right now; don’t try to address problems that don’t even exist yet. Focus on the task at hand.

Now this list could go on and on. There are hundreds of potential reasons that you may be avoiding writing on a consistent (or semi-consistent) basis. These are just a few I have collected over the years.

The important takeaway is this: starting from a place of authenticity will NEVER fail you.

Spend time discovering who you and your brand are. Write from a place of honesty. And then, just then, you can focus on how to optimize your content for the masses.

If this message has connected with you, here are my suggestions, if you’d like to change course immediately.

  • Stop waiting for the inspirational moments to come. Create one today by going out into the world and doing something. Break the damn pattern.



Thinking deeply about how to make myself and the world a little better. & writing about creators mostly | email: kate@onedayent.com

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Kate Ward

Thinking deeply about how to make myself and the world a little better. & writing about creators mostly | email: kate@onedayent.com