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Fighting Complacency: The Major Investment Freelancers Must Make To Succeed In The Long-Run

As Seth Godin might put it, “If you’re not drowning, you’re a lifeguard.” The inverse of that is: if you’re drowning, you can’t possibly be a lifeguard because you suck at swimming.

The people that are going to win in the long-term in the gig economy will be the ones that figure out how to hack their own continuing education by combining the host of tools, resources, and people at their disposal.

Want to be one of those people?

Find clients that can double as mentors.

This is one of my greatest hacks; I’m very proud of it. It’s how I started ghostwriting in the first place. I knew I wanted to learn more about psychology and self-improvement, so I sought out people in that space with experience, knowledge, and skill.


At the very least, read. Read interesting articles (maybe be crazy enough to subscribe to Medium or Wired or some other awesome site). But also, read books. Read anything and everything that interests you. Instead of pulling out your phone in the dentist’s waiting room, carry a book and pull that out instead.

Deliberate practice.

If you are selling a skill in the marketplace, you need to keep improving at that skill. Day over day, month over month. We live in a world that’s changing rapidly and you will be left behind if you don’t continue improving. That’s a fact.

Schedule learning goals.

As Brendon Burchard might ask, “If I looked at your schedule next month, is it readily apparent what activities and goals you’ve created to further develop yourself?”

Do things other than your thing.

This doesn’t just mean go rock climbing on the weekends or hit a Crossfit gym on Monday mornings. It means to chase your curiosity, or as Joseph Campbell, might call it, “your bliss.” Don’t take life so seriously that you forget to enjoy it.

Make use of NET time.

When I’m making my coffee, driving, stretching, or working out — I’m always listening to podcast interviews. From Tom Bilyeu to Tim Ferriss to Brian Koppelman to Dear Sugar to whatever else I can get my ears plugged into.

Surround yourself with good people.

Not just from your chosen “gig” either, but from all walks of life. Yes, even people that work soul-crushing 9–5s. You can handle it, my friend.

Treat yourself as a student.

As much as people pay you to be the expert, or to bring your particular skillset to the table, we live in a world that relentlessly hashes your expert status and grants you amateur status again. This is okay. In fact, it’s great. It means you have a reason to keep investing in your education.

Thanks for reading! :)

Thinking deeply about how to make myself and the world a little better. & writing about creators mostly | email: kate@onedayent.com

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