This is so sweet. I’m so happy to hear this. I’d be lying if I said my experience didn't resemble exactly what you’re saying. For a long time, I had this drive to be “private” in most areas of my life — from who I love, to my grief, to even putting my writing out there. I believed it was no one’s business but my own… But the pain you have weathered IS your gift. I read one of your stories and it resonated deeply. Think about that. That’s freaking amazing. Forget about the “mean people” out there. Almost no one will judge you for being your authentic self, and if they do, just chalk it up to them being in a heck of a lot more pain than you or I could ever understand.

You rock. I’m proud of you. Congratulations. This is a huge step & I look forward to following along as your story continues to unfold.


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